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Stay Safe

When I saw that photo of that boy standing by, risking his life for our freedom….
no matter what I believe about the politics of yes or no, should we or not….
the fact is that boy, MY boy since he is my friend's boy,
is risking his life and changing his being so I can be free.
I figure I OWE it to him and all the others who've come before him, to LIVE my freedom.

I do, Taylor. I DO.

Then what is freedom?
It is the will to be responsible
to ourselves.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Freedom to vote. To be educated. To own property. To live where I want.
To marry who I want - or not. To choose my work. To decide what I believe - or not.
To travel and see the world. To read what I want. To speak my truth or not.
To govern my own body. To express my creativity. To live in safety.
To give back in ways that are true to my own being. To love and to receive love.
To play my part in the theatre of life as it is true to me.

Although won by our patriots and held by warriors of all sorts, freedom is only real if I take it and
live it to the fullness of my own liberty.

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