Some photos of Luke from February where i *suddenly* noticed that he's not a little boy a more.

You are growing up. When I look at these photos I see a glimpse of the future. You are turning into a little man. Such big changes this year as you have left all your babyhood behind. We’ve said the last goodbye to diapers and chocolate milk at night, exchanged the car seat for a booster, finished daycare in preparation for Kindergarten. You are so ready and I couldn’t be more proud. Photos: February 2010; Filed: 2010

PotPourri FotoFrames No. 2
Mask The Mask No. 2 BrushSet
Happiness WordTransfers No. 1
CosmicArt Prints Paperie No. 1
Cosmic Overlays No. 1
Abstract FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 2
FotoGlows No. 1
Grow WordART No. 1
ArtPlay Palette No. 12 (photo turn)
CatchLights No. 1 ToolSet