I am WAY late for the Best Friends Challenge. Apologies to my husband for not getting the nod this one. . . I gave it serious consideration, but finally decided that I'd rather tell the story of my two best friends. The map shows where we all came from and where we've gone. The timeline at the bottom marks major "roomie" events during the course of our friendship.

Journaling reads:
Robin was born in ___ , Iowa. Andrea hails from ___ , west of Ames. I grew up 1,000 miles south in ___, Texas. In another country, almost. Andrea was a 4-H-er and loved the State Fair. (She still does!) Robin spent her high school Friday nights cruising the town strip. I was a devout vegetarian who worked at Whole Foods and went to art house movies.

As a teenager, if someone had asked me if I’d like to visit Iowa someday, I might have replied, “why?” If they had told me I’d eventually go to school there, I probably would have laughed. And if they had told me I’d meet my two best friend there, I would have thought, “what could I possibly have in common with two gals from Iowa?”

Well, I did go to college in Iowa, and I did meet my two best friends there. (As it turns out, I have a LOT in common with two kids from the midwest.) As roommates, we shared late-night dinners and early morning gossip; we hashed out school frustrations and nurtured each other’s broken hearts. College was what brought us together, but the support we gave one another was what saw us all through.

Since graduation, we’ve all gone different directions (even if that meant staying close to home). But despite our upbringings, changing career choices, and post-college moves, we’re still best friends. So while I still think of myself as a Texan at heart, I wouldn’t trade my Iowa days or my Iowa friends for all the art house flicks in Austin. With age comes wisdom – and the knowledge that distances don’t really matter. . . but true friendships do.

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