I loved Britgirl’s scrapbook page titled, “Friday kind of tired”. Just loved it and really scraplifted it for this snapshot. Thank you for the awesome inspiration.

Background paper: K Pertiet Naturally Krafty Desert Sage
Blue paper: Catrine Traces paper 9
Worn edge: L Grieveson Worn Page Edge 2-2
White flower mask: A Aspnes FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No 8
Other mask: A Aspnes Art Play Palette 4
Notebook paper mask: K Pertiet Graph Notepaper
Paper: M Terasqua Flutterbutter paper 2
Tied tag: AYW dog kit shabby paper
Frame: K Pertiet Pinned Frames No 2-1
Captured: K Pertiet Memorable Spots
Family: J Wilson Laundry Line tied hanger tag 2
Stickers: M Terasawa Flutterbutter kit
Journal strip: K Pertiet Journal Strips No1-7
Alpha: K Pertiet Star Chaser Alpha
Fonts: 4990810, Yukon Gold, Ali’s Writing, VT Portable Remington

Journaling: Saturdays are for snuggling in our bedroom letting Kylie watch little shows and play with kids apps on our iPhones. So soft and sweet and snuggly.