I have spent the past month sitting at my computer, hours on end, scanning photos from the past fifty years. I took on the task of making an album for Mom and Dad to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. I knew I would love seeing the old pictures. I anticipated finding some great (and potentially embarrassing) shots of my siblings. I looked forward to hearing the stories from my parents as I asked questions about a particular snapshot. The last thing I dreamed of finding were these photos. They are pictures of various family members preparing for Tony’s confirmation in 1977. But it wasn’t the front sides that caught my eye. It was the fact that I had decided to make my mark on the back of each and every one of them. Even then, at age four, I recognized the importance of labeling my photos. If only I had written the dates on all the others, I’d have saved my older self a whole lot of trouble. 06/10

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