Patricia (iUma) and I took a very cool photo journey to Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL a couple of months ago. This is the first moment I've had to play with the images!
It was the coolest place to wander around in, especially with such a cool gal who had also taken me to an especially wonderful restaurant Smile
We both took some photos to use as textures...those are in here.
We came across this amazing room of huge old equipment and oddly, there was a red upholstered chair just sitting there. A perfect spot for Aunt Marion.
Aunt Marion, please forgive me, wherever you are, for taking a perfectly lovely photo and making you into a ghost! The dog was my dad's when he was a young man; a separate photo from my Aunt's. I'm also in the pic. Can you find me?


Anna Aspnes
12x12 Textured Overlays
ArtPlay Palette No. 3
ScriptTease Happiness No. 1
ScriptTease Love No. 1
Sun and Moon Brushes

Katie Pertiet
Cataloged Kit