The first pages of my Summer 2010 Project, the quickest and easiest way to get this years Summer photos into an album and document my Summer as easily and efficiently as possible. The photos and pages are not going to be artsy, complex or perfect, but they are going to reflect what's real in my life right now. You can read more about the project here and here

Each week I will release a new DoublePage MultiFoto Summer Layered Template into the store with and editable page title prompt. Keep the title and fontwork as is or change to suit your style and preference.

It’s not really Summer unless it’s warm enough to strip off in the back yard. This has been the unofficial rule of thumb for as long as I can remember. If I think back to my childhood paddling pool and garden sprinkler childhood days, and then those first years of Ella’s life in Japan, and Luke’s in Alaska, then I know this certainly to be true. Still a little early for the anticipated big Summer vacation but these types of days give a little taste of what is to come fueling the desire for the school year to be done. These are the best types of days, at home, soaking up every minute of Summer’s promise. And these types of memories are best made with friends. The more the merrier. Luke’s day care providers daughters, Kelsey and Ainsley came over for the afternoon for some slippin’ n sliding and Carolyn joined in on the fun too. Who knew this $10 purchase from Target would create so much fun. Summer? Bring it on. We’ve got plans for you. Sunday June 6 , 2010.

Summer Layered Template Album No. 1
Hipster Plume No. 29 BrushSet
WaterDrops No. 2 ElementSet
Torn N Tattered No. 7(paper texture layer used to create custom papers)