Saturday Scraplift No. 159 (Sorry, Denise! I got your clean layout all dirty! Smile )

...and another page for my Maui book.

My best beloved has the patience of a saint when it comes to indulging my passion/vice/addiction for digital scrapbooking, but every now and then I push it and he snaps like a dry twig...

Me: "Hey, Sweetie, can I get you to make a few hand gestures for me, so I can take some pictures?"

Him: "Hand gestures? Is this for one of your page thingies? Can't you use your own hands? I'm kinda busy now, you know, with work and all."
Me, not listening: "I have a page idea for our Maui vacation book and you know I can't make the Shaka sign!"
Him: "You can't make the Shaka sign, and that means I have to suffer?"
Me: "Yes. You do. We're married! For better for worse, remember? Hey!!! That is NOT the hand sign I want!"
Him: "For better for worse, remember?"


I eventually got the hand poses I wanted, plus one that I didn't. I need to learn to read the signs better! Smile

Journaling reads:
"In Hawaii the Shaka sign is a common greeting gesture. Depending on context, it can be used to indicate notions such as “cool,” “all right,” “hello,” “good-bye,” and, of course, “hang loose!” We’d even see it as an acknowledgment from other drivers when we’d do something nice, such as pull over on a one-lane road to let them by. Although I have no problem making the Texas Longhorn gesture or the Vulcan greeting gesture, and I’ve been known to make the occasional naughty gesture (only when provoked, of course!), I can’t for the life of me get the fingers of my right hand to bend inward to make the Shaka sign, and I’m right-handed! My fingers keep sticking out all akimbo! In the few photos where I’m making this sign, I had to use my left hand and prod and push my fingers into place. It just should not be that difficult!"

Anna Aspnes
LoopdaLoop ArtStrokes No. 04 BrushSet

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Erskine Alphabet
It's Elementary: Remix

Pattie Knox
Staple Its!

Katie Pertiet
Touch of Paint Paper Pack
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