Honestly this started out as a lift of Denise's wonderful page and then it went in a whole different direction. Denise, I'm a big fan...I always love your clean and beautiful designs...thanks for the inspiration.

Last summer, Fritz decided it was time to take your training wheels off. He did and then we all worked with you on your two wheels. You totally had it and we were all so excited. Then the next day, you woke up and refused to get on your bike. In fact, almost a whole year passed and you refused to get on your bike. Fritz kept the training wheels in his garage and refused to put them back on because you could ride a bike. Everybody biked in the cul de sac and you always scooted.

On Friday night, Mia came up and said “Mom, I’m ready to ride two wheels...can you take off my training wheels”. Daddy took them off and she got it in no time. We were all so excited for her...you were so excited for her but you still didn’t want to try.

I decided that it was time to push the envelope. On Saturday morning, I put Mia’s bike in the car and took you to an open parking lot where nobody was watching. I said, “we are staying here until you ride that bike because I know you can do it”. You were very resistant to say the least. You wouldn’t let me touch the bike so I just had a seat and waited. And you know what... I didn’t have to wait very long. You had it down in no time and within thirty minutes we left. You wanted to go to Dairy Queen to celebrate (this is how we celebrate all of our milestones). I told you that we couldn’t go until you rode YOUR bike and you were very upset and said you would just ride Mia’s bike. Well, I knew that wasn’t going to work at home so we still had work to do.

You wanted to bring your bike back to the parking lot so that is what we did. You were grumbling about not wanting to ride your bike, you got on it, made two revolutions of the pedals, screamed with excitement and then jumped off ran to me and gave me a big hug. You said “Mom, you knew I could do it”...”yes, I did honey. I just had to get you to believe that YOU could do it”. This ranks up there with one of the best mornings ever. You got your Oreo Blizzard. You have been hooked ever since and we have enjoyed some great bike rides together just the two of us.

I’m so proud of you. Always believe in yourself...you can do anything you set
your mind to...it just takes courage.

M. Martin Janine Kit

K. Pertiet
Between the Lines Alphabet No. 03 (recolored)

Word Labels: Love
2010 Postmarks
Lifted Wings No. 03

P. Knox Brad Bonanza No. 03: Digital Fasteners

A. Aspnes Stitched by Anna White No. 01
ArtPlay Palette Mini Kit No. 02

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