Thoughts about riding. I love my bike about as much as I love the quirkiness of this set Smile

I never thought Iíd get into road riding. Eric got really into it in Alaska . E and L were still babies and so I was left at home. I didnít really mind at the time. I didnít know what I was missing. It was only last Summer that Eric insisted I NEEDED a road bike. He bought it for me with his TDY money from Japan. It was only when he took me out on my first ride that I knew he was right. I LOVE to ride and there is no better place to do it than in Colorado. I also love that itís a passion Eric and I share, and it makes me sad we wonít ride together this year with him being deployed. Iíll get out there once in a while, but it wonít quite be the same without him. June 2010

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