Since we just moved into our new house in February, I'm not changing too much about the plants in the garden until I've seen what grows through the year. I'm not sure what this pretty purple plant is, hoping I'll find out sometime.

Journalling says: "One of the best aspects of a new garden is the surprise plants that grow through the year. This plant is unidentified so far, but it’s very pretty. Two of them suddenly appeared about a fortnight ago and very quickly flowered. I can’t wait to see what else is waiting for us under the ground.
- 26th June 2010

Supplies used: K Pertiet Ad challenge freebie; twiggy; spot dots no18; painted wings no1; botanic gardens kit; drawn blossoms no1; flossy stitches green; basic twills plain.
A Aspnes Flutterby fotoblendz no1; artplay palette winter no1 (mask).
P Knox DIY acrylic alpha no2.
L Grieveson French Summer kit.