Well, I started this digital scrapbooking journey with the sole purpose of creating books for our travels. Ha!

Somewhere along the way I got really, really distracted. I've yet to finish one book. I completed the family heritage book, so all is not lost. But these travels are very important to our family and I need to take care of them.

So I'm giving myself a little break! I bought (from Three Potato Four) these gorgeous, vintage maple boxes that were originally used to store shoe part patterns. They are so lovely. And they're divided into several slots. Perfect for filling with photos! So I'm taking some of my favorites from our trips, scrapping them based on whatever mood I'm in, printing, and putting them in these great boxes for display. And they can vary in size. Yay!

This one's from Spain:
While waiting for sunset over the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, Erin and I saw this beautifully tattooed arm. His hand was placed just so around the eye. I want to remember the moment.

Katie Pertiet
Roughed Up Maps
Roughed Up Neutrals
Make Your Own Postmarks 2
Stamped Stitches

Anna Aspnes
FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 11
Sun & Moon Stamps
Metal Mix 1

Ali Edwards
Travel Title and Journal