This challenge came at the perfect time for me. I do feel the need to get away, especially when things are stressful. As they have been recently. Making this page was very therapeutic.
Tomorrow, I have to go to a funeral for a 22 year old who took his own life. Nothing going on with me could even begin to compare. Life and travel often hurl things into perspective...

Call it what you will; road, trail, path, track, sidewalk, waterway. If it leads from here to there, I want to follow it. There is always a reward at the end. A spectacular view, a new face, a sunset, a market.
The road. It makes my life interesting, challenging, complete. It teaches, preaches, causes me to think.
I see life from the road. In all of its various forms. Good and bad, neat and tidy and messy all at the same time.
The road takes me away and brings me closer. Keeps my brain working and my mind clear.
When can I go again? I need the path to take me somewhere. I want to see the world, all of it.

Katie Pertiet
Letters Home Elements and Brushes
Curled Journal Spots 2
Surf 'n Sand Paper
Letter Box Traveler Kit
Botanic Gardens Kit
Roughed Up Maps 2
Postcard Journalers
Animal Park Kit
Vintage Journals no. 3

Anna Aspnes
Big Wide World Stamps and Brushes
12x12 Canvas Page Overlays
Striptease Happiness
Travel Word Transfers 1

Lynn Grieveson
Worn Photo Edges 4

Jesse Edwards
Doodled Flowers