My son went through a breaking bones phase in the early 1990s. The journaling says, "Nick went through a couple years where he was always breaking his hand. He broke it the first time at McDonald’s rollerblading and tossing french fries to birds. He hit the curb and fell on his hand. Then he broke it in P.E. The teacher didn’t believe him & made him stay in school all day. I was so mad! Then he broke it while going down a hill on a bike and got tangled
up with Blaine. He even got to ride in an ambulance
once because I wasn’t home and he hurt himself
on the way to school. He always broke the same
hand. I asked the doctor if he had weak bones,
and he said, “No, he just plays hard.” (picture was
taken about 1992)


designer digitals

Katie Pertiet
assorted tapes 3
notebook edge frames
white paper alpha
sacked solids earthtones
naturally krafty pp
yarn swirls
alphabet strips

Anna Aspnes
embossed cream paper
stitched by anna white #1, #3, #4, #5

Lynn Grieveson
worn page edges

Art Warehouse
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assorted papers by Gina Cabrera