I have been captivated by this little family of mourning doves nesting on our back patio. My son calls it obsessed, but I prefer enthralled. What is drawing me? The patient, nesting mother who lets me talk to her and shows me with her big round eyes that she feels safe with me? The protective father standing guard on the rooftop? The babies are born and still the family bond is strong and loving, and remains so until the last baby has safely embarked on its virgin flight. ~two days later a new mother dove has settled into the nest and the father is standing guard atop the roof. Fascinating!

These lyrics from Celine Dion mirror my sentiments about this symbol of peace, love and hope.

A dove went for a trip
Around the world it carries its message
Of peace of love and of friendship
Of peace of love to share
And it’s its youth that makes it fly

It looks for sun. It dreams of wonders
It hopes to arrive
It believes that there’s
somewhere a country for hope
And that it will be able to see it
~Celine Dion

Mother nurtures, father protects
They love, they bond, cuddle and coo.
Their simple nature is a wonder
The message is carried through
I went for a trip with a dove
I found hope, peace. I found love
~my words


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