These are pictures of my daughter back in 1996...before my days of the digital camera and Shutterfly and all the other wonderful advances in technology to help us preserve our memories. Waaaayyyy back then I purchased the portrait packages for my children. I would buy the main package, but it always worked out that the really "good shots" were not part of the main package, but for an additional fee you could purchase them! I would carefully cut up the pages of printed photos (with a scissors as I didn't own a cool little paper trimmer yet) and I would then share this package of current fabulous photos with our friends and family and then put all the extras back in the envelop and tuck them away in case I would want them someday................well, today was SOMEDAY!! Who knew back in 1996 all the cool digital stuff one would be able to do with the "portrait package" in 2010!
Thanks for looking!

Layer Works Template No. 03 (Thank you Kayleigh!)

Katie Pertiet
Loosely Labeled
Simple Words
Vintage Flashcards Love
Loosely Labeled Dates
Yellow Word Bits No. 01
Postage Strip Numbers
Red Tab Alphabet
Junkyard Garden Blooms

Lynn Grieveson
In Distress Got The Blues Paper Pack
Worn Strips No. 05

Ali Edwards
Remember Slides

Pattie Knox
Fasten Its
Stacked Deck

Anna Aspnes
Passionaire Page Set
Stitched by Anna Borders White No. 01