Just pondering a favorite quote, a Chinese proverb
--"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."


What freedom! A bird’s song is not restricted to a question. It doesn’t have to be right, accurate, or even in tune. It’s not directed by an external demand, but by an internal melody. The origin of a bird’s song lies not in the leaves of books, but in the heart of its Creator. A bird doesn’t yield to the summons of a courtroom. A bird’s worth is not determined by the percentage of correct answers on the math exam. A bird is not required to justify the passion of its heart or the nature of its being. Nor do I want to spend energy justifying my voice, my expression, my song. Maybe, the ones who want answers, don’t have songs. Instead of singing, they question my need to create, to color outside the lines, to sing my own song. My lesson from the birds—Don’t let another’s question silence your song.

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