4. I saw Sex and the City 2 with Prue and Ang and Prue’s friend Rowena - we had dinner at Sultan’s first, Lamb Pide, mmmm. 5. I went to photograph my overgrown basil and could not go past this ladybeetle on the leaf. 6. I baked a lot today, some new ideas, ham and cheese scrolls for lunchboxes. 7. I picked up Zali’s skipping rope and did some 30-second skips, phew, talk about cardio! 8. After school we had to get bread and Hayden and Georgia each chose a treat at Traudie’s bakery, Georgia loves these funny faces, Hayden had a gingerbread man. 9. I took Gypsie to walk along the beach with the Peters mob, the dogs had a blast together. 10. I saw Graeme today and he gave me a copy of his new book, and then I asked him to sign it.

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