I think this paper for the color challenge is just the most beautiful paper. I couldn't quite figure out what to do with this one though. My son's gf sent him this photo the other day and I finally got him to share it with me today and I knew immediately that this paper was going to get used somehow. Like me, her favorite color is purple so how could I not use it?
She is the sweetest little thing. She bought me a pearl necklace on a sterling silver chain for my bday and unfortunately she got the empty envelope back from the post office. The necklace is lost. She was so upset when she was telling my son that I told him to tell her it was all right, I loved her anyway. And then she was ok.
I actually think of this page as 7 layer Steph as that is about how many layers there are to that photo to get the look I wanted.

Anna Aspnes: 060610 color challenge papers
Beary Newborn taupe pins
Art Palette Cuisine mask for photo
Stitched by Anna No 3 Cream
Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock Spring
Charmed No 1
Botanist Notebook No 23,
monograms, butterfly sticker
010409 journaling brush
ETA: forgot I used Katie's Grungy Ledger Grids as an eraser to erase the taupe pins over the photo.
Cassie Jones: HTDT19 Recoloring Essentials

I used the font Book Antiqua for the main body of the lyrics to the song "When You Kiss Me" by Shania Twain. The other font is Monotype Cursive.