A two-pager for my Maui vacation book. I'm not exactly scrapping my vacation pages in chronological order; the photo (right page) and companion journaling (left page) are from our first day.

The photo on the right page is that of a rainbow, just a rainbow, and not even a very good rainbow (nor a good photo!) but as I say in the journaling, somehow the familiar and commonplace become so exotic when seen while on vacation!

The rainbow on this, the journaling page, comes from Lynn Grieveson's Forecast Kit. I modified it (i.e., seriously warped it!) so that it follows the arc of the real rainbow on the right page of this two-pager, the idea being that when the two pages are side by side in my vacation book, the rainbow will span the two pages. It kinda works, if you look at the two thumbnails in the gallery...

I couldn't come up with a title for these pages, so I'm using the title from Cathy's page frame. Thanks, Cathy!

Oh, and I tend to journal my vacation books in excruciating detail, so I'll probably be posting lots of two-pagers for this book.

Journaling reads:
"Isn’t it interesting how the familiar becomes the exotic when you’re on vacation?

At this rate, we are simply never going to get out of the hotel room!

Although our first day in Paradise had a beautiful, sunny beginning, it’s been raining off and on all morning. We decided to get out and do some exploring anyway. Today’s destination--North! A drive up Highway 30 will take us to the end of the resort area and eventually get us into less developed country, with plenty of beaches and hiking trails to explore along the way. As a nominal endpoint we want to get as far as Kahakuloa, one of the oldest and most authentic Hawaiian villages on Maui. The scenery there is supposed to be magnificent, and as an added bonus, Kahakuloa is said to have some of the best banana bread on the island!

As we readied to leave the hotel room, I walked outside onto the balcony one more time and happened to catch this amazing rainbow, the path of which reached across the ocean from Maui to Molokai. I stopped dead in my tracks (I fear that will be a recurring action for me on this trip!) but recovered quickly and was able to get a photo of it. I really do want to get out and see what Maui has to offer, but there’s something to be said for just staying put and seeing what nature will show us next!

May 23, 2010."

Anna Aspnes
Color Challenge Paper 03-21-09

Lynn Grieveson
Forecast Kit

Katie Pertiet
Watery Photo Masks No. 02

Cathy Zielske
Cathy Zielske's Page Frames No. 02

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