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Oh my, what a party this was…….

Blake and Anna on the same page ….wait… with me!!! by me!!… oh…….the power of art.
I just swiped these Blake images off the internet but I am totally certain Bill is ok with it.

The gardenia….. I was walking at dusk and passed this scrub and was called back by scent. I picked them since the house was for sale and unoccupied. They were at perfection when the UPS lady angel delivered the new LensBaby Composer (thank you, KerryMac!!).

my words….

A few weeks ago I had a blood vessel break in my eyeball. It sounds a lot worse than it is and it looked a whole lot worse than it sounds. Bad enough to get me to go see the ophthalmologist. Since i was in Maine I saw a new physician. She took a careful medical history. When I mentioned that I was seeing double at the very top of my line of vision she did afew tests and quickly explained that my thyroid disease, yes, the one from 30 years ago, was related to this, an autoimmune disease which attacks the eyes. It turns out that it should
not last but a few years and most likely will not cause any permanent damage.
The opportunity to consider compromised vision has changed the way I see. The precious ability to see arrives with a joy and
delight worth savoring. And the external vision, threatened, highlights the necessity of inner vision, too. The choice to
look within, to find the ability to see with my own meaning and my own desires and to create an inner vision with it’s
own focus....alters all.

The wikipedia words…..
Autoimmunity is the failure of an organism to recognize its own constituent parts as self, which allows an immune response against its own cells and tissues.

The message from beyond….
wake, baby, wake

Thanks for taking a view of my vision….

Anna Aspnes
MonoBlendz Slate Paperie
my fag texture overlay is in here
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my glasses and the mask for the text spot…..
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the paper for these text spot
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the scallop spritz to DIE for…..
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the arched doorway to infinity…..
FotoGlows Transfers No. 01
light…it's a good thing.
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Katie Pertiet
NEW:::: this weekend::::
Rimmed Framers….sweet…..
Framed Brushes and Stamps
used to create the frame edge
2 Celebrate Paper Pack
the archetypal paisley resides in here

Jesse Edwards
Sweet Days Solids Paper Pack

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