One of my sisters is currently off on her own travels, but she wanted a quick and dirty summary of our recent vacation to Maui. She's the reason we took this vacation (to be explained in a future layout), so to accommodate her I made this "week in review" page and emailed it to her. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a scrapbook layout consisting of many photos plus a variety of elements ought to be worth, let's see...carry the one, divide by two...oh, heck, let's just say a scrapbook layout is worth a whole bunch of words. Smile

Oh, and just because I'm posting a summary page of our trip, don't think this is the last of my vacation pages you're going to be seeing. Not by a long shot! Smile

So, you may or may not be interested to know that DD was occasionally on my mind while we were in Maui. It truly may be time for an intervention! Smile When I travel, I will now and again see in the places we visit something that reminds me of my family and friends back home, and Peter is used to hearing me say sentences of the sort:

"Ooohhh! That's a really great ------! So-and-so would love this!"

Well, on this trip, not only did I see places and things that brought to mind my real-world family and friends, but I also saw things that made me think of you guys! For example:

"Ooohhh! That's a really great beach! Linda's (earlofoxford) grandkids would love this!"
"Ooohhh! That's a really great golf course! Terry (MIDA78466) and her husband would love this!"
"Ooohhh! That's a really great flower! Shari (b2halter) would love this!"
"Ooohhh! That's a really great bird! Diane (Scrapbird) would love this!"
"Ooohhh! That's a really great waterfall! Angela (ang66) will need a new Happy Place soon; she would love this!"
"Ooohhh! Look! A baby Shadow!"
"Ooohhh! Look! A Buddy dog!"
"Ooohhh! A town named Makena! Kayleigh has a daughter named Makenna! Look! Maui spelled the name of their town wrong!"
"Ooohhh! That's really great texture on the wall of that old church! It looks like the embossing technique from Pattie's class!"

...and like that. So right now you are either saying, "Awwww!" or you're calling a therapist for me. My knowledge of you guys is through the images that you post, and I'm a very strong visual learner, so I suppose it isn't too surprising that seeing such images in the real world would bring you to mind, right? Right? Just me, then. Maybe it's really time to step away from the computer...

Anna Aspnes
Multifoto Layered Quadpack No. 02 (modified)
Torn N Tattered Dragonfly Templates No. 01
Water Droplets No. 02 ElementSet

Cassie Jones
How'd They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
Laying It All Out No. 03: Custom Stickers and Clever Layering

Pattie Knox
Expoxy Extravaganza: On the Beach
Feltboard Friends: Something Fishy

Michelle Martin
Luau Kit

Katie Pertiet
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 01
Alandia Tropics Kit

Thanks for stopping by! Smile