21. Swimming today - it’s getting cold, but... gotta keep at it, I keep telling myself it’s warm half way through the first lap! 22. A beautiful day, this bird likes to visit Mum and Dad’s back deck. 23. I love that my boy still likes to be silly with bubbles in the bath. 24. We don’t have many deciduous trees in our part of the world, we drive past a few in a row on the way to school and this afternoon Hayden and I stopped to photograph them. He brought this leaf home. 25. Sonia Parker painted this for Georgia and I finally put it up in her room. 26. The kids things, packed for their first night at Erin’s new house. 27. A big day, I picked up my new car and then went to say goodbye to Hershey who only lived another 2 days, Yellow Dog was much loved.

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