This page came from an email I received that had all these pictures in it. I copied them to my pc and had this ad challenge template in my stash that I thought would work!

Katie's template and Classic Cardstock: Polar
were all I used.
Font is Franklin Gothic Medium.

The photos are: a Brownie box camera, Jiffy Pop, Timmy & Lassie, gum wrapper chain, reel to reel tape recorder, nickel coke drive in movies, penny candy, fire escape tube, metal ice cube tray w/ lever, Tinker Toys, Burma Shave sign, 15cent hamburgers, Studebaker, tv test pattern, 25 cent gas, Chatty Cathy doll, S & H Green Stamps, 45 record spindle, 5 cent baseball cards, skate key, Speedy Alka-seltzer, wringer washer, Lincoln Logs, Ding-dong Avon calling, Brylcreem, Fuller Brush man, and flash bulbs.

TFL- Joanie