I started this layout several months ago and then put it in a folder marked "To Complete Later". Well it has been 1 year since this most beloved animal was in a tragic accident. I quietly remembered the day just as I do every time I pass the street where it happened. If only....if only I was 5 minutes later, if only I didn't have the big idea to take him to go play with the other dogs, if only I had him on his leash, if only I could have him back:{ He was one big lug of a dog...but I find myself wanting just that very same dog again. I don't want a sleek lab, I want a big ole boy I have to help into the back of the pickup! This layout in for our beloved "Average Joe".

Journaling reads:

Could there ever be a better dog?
Dear Joe you gave us more joy and laughter than we could have imagined. You were always willing to play, to go for a ride, to do your tricks. You were the perfect alarm clock and
constant companion to me when no one was home. You were the most brilliant dog. I am still heartbroken over your accident. I want you back. I would pay any amount
of money to have you back. I loved having you as a member of our family if only for a short while. You were the
perfect dog.

KatiePertiet_Cluster Frame
Katie Pertiet_drop shadow

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