I took the elevator panel photo in a New Orleans hotel, the other two photos in an Amsterdam hotel.

OK, so the text sounds like I'm a spoiled brat, but I rarely travel and the fact remains--I LOVE nice hotels and room service!


So, call me Eloise--I adore Room Service and
preferably on the tippy top floor of The
Plaza Hotel where I could live quite happily
for the rest of my days on Earth! Upon entering a hotel,
I bypass the complementary toiletries and the television
armoire, and make a beeline to the Room Service menu. Is
Full Service offered? 24 hours? Or just until 10 pm? What
is the deadline for hanging my breakfast selection card
on the outside door handle. Does a morning meal include a
local newspaper, white linen napkins, and a silver dome?
Oh, yes, sigh! My only complaint about breakfast pertains
to my hot water for tea tasting like coffee. Why don’t
they have designated carafes just for tea drinkers?!
I’m rarely in my hotel for lunch or dinner. But I’m a happy
camper (And I’m using camper in the loosest sense of the
word!)when I can close a day of business or siteseeing
with another pot of tea and dessert--top choice, tiramisu,
of course. So, Eloise, I have to call room service and
tell them to charge it, please, and thank you very much!

Credits / ALL Designer Digitals

Katie Pertiet
Posted Travel Layered Template
(post card and stamp)

Andrea Victoria
Pina Kit (bottom paper desaturated)

Lynn Grieveson
Scrap Express No. 65

Anna Aspnes
Passionaire BrushSet

Fonts / French Script MT, Carbon Type, and Girls are Weird