A picture of my mum when she must have been in her early 20s, doing what she enjoyed best...getting some sun at the seaside. This was in the days before we all started getting bothered about what it was doing to our skin and didn't bother with ANY sun protection!!


Everything DD except that wee flower.
Katie Pertiet: Naturally Krafty No7 (altered), Letters Home Elements & Brushes, Grungy Ledger Grids brushes & Stamps No3.

Anna Aspnes: Distressed Toolset No3, Dripped Toolset No1, Torn & Tattered Frames No1, 12 x12 Page Hipster Plumes Fotoblendz No2 (reversed and partially erased).

Lynn Grieveson: Hint at it 2 brushes.

Tyface: Kingthings Typewritter.