This LO of my mother and her sisters is a pair to a page of her four brothers, hence the title. The photos would have been taken in the 1930s. My mother is the girl walking along the street, probably taken by a street photographer. She loved to wear hats and always remained a "stylish" dresser. I had fun creating a brush from the photo using Cassie Jones' HDTD 08 Custom Photo Brushes Tutorial.

I Used:
Katie Pertiet Color Challenge 3710 Paper
The frames I used from the Posted Travel Template as I used this for the page about her brothers.
Wax Seals Alpha No.1 - Seal on envelope.
Letterbox Seamstress Kit - hooks and eyes

Pattie Knox Staple Its - staples.

Anna Aspnes Art Play Palette No. 4 buttons

Laurie Ann HGD Ribbon DoDads

Sherrie JD Basic Whites - envelope

DianneRigdon Designs Happy Together - ribbon stitch

CS Before - Charm

ScrapArtist Muse Journaler Freebie