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I could easily plug in a photo from the day before or the day after. But I would know. I would know it wasnít April 6thís photo. I know I took a photo that day. It is routine. For two years and three months Iíve snapped a photo everyday . Some days with my iPhone. Some days with my point and shoot. Some days in the last fleeting moments of light the day provides. Iíve searched. Everywhere. Iíve looked on cards I donít use anymore. Searched the hard drive and the external drive and the phone. Iíve checked the point and shoot. Iíve checked Ianís fisher price camera. That was a stretch. Lightroom brings me nothing. I just cannot imagine that I somehow let that day slip away without a photo. That just canít seem possible. I canít fake it though. I wonít. Iíll just let it sit as a black spot on my page. I am heart broken over it. Iím still looking though. I know it is here somewhere.