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It was exceptionally long day. Waiting. Worrying. Wondering how she was going to be. When Mom began to wake up we were comforted, knowing the surgery had gone well. Now it was all about recovering. Learning to walk on a new knee.

Heidi and I left the hospital together. It was late. Well past dinner . We both needed food. It felt a little strange to go somewhere other than the hospital cafeteria. I needed something other than lettuce. We needed real food.

We chose a small restaurant in town. They had nothing on the menu I could eat. Nothing without bacon. I asked if they could make me something. The server checked with the chef. She returned to ask more questions. I’m accustomed to the quesitons, I appreciate them.

We at the their tiny wine bar. Only two seats. Only five tables in the tiny restaurant we’d chosen. The one that was open at 8 o’clock in a town of 8,000 people.

And then it arrived. The most beautiful plate of vegetables. Full of color and variety and flavor. Each bite was a mesmerizing adventure. Each bite, better than the previous. Mushrooms, bell beppers, artichoke hearts, balsamic vinegar. And on top? The best radishes I’ve ever eaten. Perfectly, beautifully spread across the top of the salad, adding a punch of flavor to each bite.

We laughed. We talked about the salad.The chef came out to talk about it. He was delightful.

It was the perfect way to finish a difficult day. A meal I will treasure with my sister, for the memory, the moment, and the perfectly timed radish. May 2010

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