Paper: Peeking Baseball kit by Ronnie McCray, Take Me Out to the Ballgame kit by Dana Zarling
Alphabet: White Felt Alpha with Red Stitching by Amy Bleser
Frames: Stuffed Edge Frames and Journalers No. 1 by Katie Pertiet, Basic Bare Chipboard Frames by Katie Pertiet
Border: Stuffed Edge Documents No. 1 by Katie Pertiet
Journal Spots: Basic Journal Spots by Katie Pertiet
Ticket, Shoe Lacing: Peeking Baseball kit by Ronnie McCray
Tab: Cardstock Tabs by Katie Pertiet
Tape: My Family Genealogy Clippings by Katie Pertiet
Label: My Family Genealogy Flashcards by Katie Pertiet
Software: Lightroom and Photoshop Elements 8.0 (both by Adobe)
Font: Plantagenet Cherokee

Journaling: Do you see that glove sitting on the bench? It belongs to my husband, Ryan. It tells the story of his love of all things baseball. It bears the scars of a quarter-century of use. It holds the dreams and excitement of the teen-aged ballplayer. It has been and continues to go to ballgames, in case there is a foul ball to be caught. It is treated with love and respect. It is well cared for, soft from decades of use, but still strong and functional. It now accompanies us to little league games. It helps Ryan share his love of all things baseball with a new group of children, eager to learn. It sits on the bench, after the on-field practice, but before the game, holding one used and one new game ball, ready for the first pitch. It holds the dreams and excitement of the father teaching his sons about the game.

That glove is a partner in a life-long romance.