Great template for this week's challenge.

This cat has been turning up at our house for the past couple of weeks. I leave the back door open quite often to let Tawny in and out, but I've had to stop that since I found it in the house. It's got no fear, and Tawny doesn't seem too bothered, but it's a shame if it eats her food.

It's the most solid cat I've ever come across, so we presume it's fed by half the neighbourhood!

Also, while creating this page, I happened to look up, and there it was, strolling into the living room again. Cheeky thing!

Supplies used:
M Martin Layered Memories no 33; bling alpha silver.
K Pertiet Naturally Krafty no8; chipboard alpha black; classic cardstock Spring; little snips alpha; collageables no1; little layette kit.
L Grieveson forecast kit; rosalie kit.
J Edwards Daffodils and bluebells paper pack.
A Aspnes multistitched by Anna; red/white no1; artplay palette find your way valueset.
P Knox absolutely acrylic arrows.