This is a lift of Stacy's Tubing layout. I enjoy how she's always having fun with her boys and you can really see the love that she has for her children shine through.

Supplies **DD**

Katie Pertiet:
paper from Destination Countryside, and
Spot Dots No. 2,
paper curl from Letterbox Seamstress Kit,
Blank Safety Tags: Vintage,
Hanging Tags No. 01,
staples and alpha from Farm Fresh Collection,
stitches fromColor My World template,
Stuffed Edge Photo Frames.

Pattie Knox:
Have a Heart Felts No. 2

Mindy Terasawa:
button from 100% Boy kit,

Anna Aspnes:
FotoBlendz Layered Template Album No. 12x12,

font is Chalk Talk

Hey there sweet boy! You’ve only been with us a few months,
but what fun times those have been! My sweet husband
asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I said
“Invite friends over, and have Cuzco give rides
to the children!” You, dear Cuz, patiently gave every
child a ride, while being hooked up to an antique goat cart.
I’m not sure if you liked it or not, but you were such a great sport that we
gave some more neighbor children rides. Then suddenly, you let us know you
were Done. “Done” as in, not taking another step. We respected your decision,
in the way that one respects decisions they have no real control over. We
unhooked you, and the children and my husband took turns giving you sweet grain
out of the red feed scoop. Dignity restored, you ambled back out into the
pasture and resumed eating grass with the herd of goats that you protect and serve.
I’m so glad you deigned to come live with us. We look forward to having many more
years of enjoying your presence whilst plying you with treats, if that’s okay with you!

tfl, susan