Another tutorial down! I have to admit that I am starting to like Photoshop! I had to figure out how to set my mouse wheel to zoom in and out, but once that was conquered, I was quite happy. I'm really loving the great tips in Cassie's tutorials too. They are helping me feel more fluid in controlling the program.
I'm thinking PS will be a big time saver. I won't even try to explain how I use pings as brushes in Paintshop, but there are quite a number of steps involved. What an amazing thing to be able to load brushes and recolor them and resize them! WOW! Paintshop won't let you load any brush bigger than a certain size (and that is rather small), so I've never really tried using them before.
I guess it's time for bed, but I have a couple more tutorials waiting for me in the morning!

Cassie Jones:
Laying It All Out No. 07: Coloring Inside the Lines

Anna Aspnes:
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