Thanks Steph for another wonderful challenge. It felt so good to do this layout. The photo of me is from my wedding day and I think the photo of my mom is her engagement picture.

Dear Mom,
It has been just over seventeen years since God brought you to His home. I pulled up this picture of you on the computer today and Quinn who is two runs up to the computer, points, and says “Mama”.
He sees me in your photo and you know do I!

My time with you was not nearly long enough and yet my heart is overflowing with gratitude. There are so many things that I recognize now that I didn’t see then. I witnessed your life on a daily were selfless, hard working, gracious, gentle and kind.These same qualities were also very evident in your death.

I saw how you lived and yet, at the time, I didn’t really “get it”. I do now. I so wish that I had time with you to live over...time to spend with you...time to appreciate you...time to love you...time to be a mom alongside you...time when I could recognize how empty my heart would feel without you.

You made motherhood look like the easiest thing in the world when it truly is not. Parenthood is hands down the most humbling experience of my life. And as my children have grown, I can feel your presence in the way that I raise them. Although there are many qualities that you have that I don’t see when I look in the mirror, there are several that I do. You were so happy and loved do I. You were strict and had high do I.
You found joy in working for the benefit of do I. You clung to your faith in your own personal do I. You had a difficult time sitting down to watch tv or do I. You protected our family unity with all of your do I. You were quiet and reserved and would rather be home than at a social outing...I am the same...and you loved with all of your do I.

Mom, I will spend my lifetime trying to pass the qualities that were so much a part of you on to my own children. You were an amazing woman and I am so honored that you were my mom. I love you dearly and I miss you deeply. But always know
that you are such an important part of me and I am so grateful!

(This layout will appear in the May/June 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine)

Credits: K. Pertiet
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