This is completely and totally silly, but I was trying to show a nice way to demonstrate that our pony Belle, has serious separation anxiety. She does not like to be away from her herd. She paces and spins!!

Vinnie Pearce QP
with pony extractions!

Journaling reads:
The horse conversation would go something like this. . . .
Belle: “Sparky look at my nice new car. Come and go for a ride with me pleeeeeasssssse neigh,neigh.”
Sparky acting very nonchalant: “I know we’re cousins but family or not, I don’t
trust your driving. Plus can’t you see I am eating. I am totally relaxed minding my
own business, now quit bothering me....whinny, whinny”
Belle starting to pace: “Does this mean you don’t like me? You know how
insecure I am. Sparky, Sparky, come and go for a ride..snort, snort.”
Belle stomps her foot.
Sparky: Turns away walking the other direction still grazing, totally
unphased, and ignoring her.
Belle acting frantic and pacing: “SPARKY, do you still want to be my friend?!!
Belle then trots over to Sparky’s side, forgets about the ride, and decides she is hungry after all!

Thanks for looking.