Template Challenge May 6, 2010

As usual with my unruly thinking processes, the collision of several disparate thoughts led to this layout. The story is this...

It's been a busy couple of weeks--12-hour days, working through the weekends, two presentations in 10 days. Ugh! The presentations went very well, but by the time the second one was concluded I was exhausted. The day following the second presentation I played hooky from work and took a mental health day, and by that I mean a good friend and I spent the day shopping! We finished off our day by getting some cupcakes from Sprinkles. Now, I'm not much of a cake or cupcake fan. I am an admitted sugar addict, but I prefer my sugar in candy form. However, I soooo adore Sprinkles cupcakes! Strawberry is my current favorite, and I'm looking forward to their Key Lime creation, a seasonal flavor only available in the summer time, but I digress. I've been spending so much time at work lately that I haven't had any time for scrapping and I've really been missing it. I've been thinking about it, though, as time permits, and one of the things I've been thinking about is the template challenge. I got it in my head that I wanted to do something with circles for this challenge, but what? What? "What sort of circles could I use?" she says, stroking her chin thoughtfully. As my friend and I were sitting at the counter in the cupcake store, enjoying our treats and laughing about something or other, I happened to glance over at her just as she'd taken a bite out of a chocolate marshmallow cupcake, I looked at the top of my own as-yet-uneaten cupcake and suddenly something just clicked. I all but screamed at her, "Don't take another bite!" Well, she froze and looked at me as though she were seeing a lunatic, and I'm sure I must have seemed that way, because I took her partially eaten cupcake, put it on the counter, pulled my camera out of my backpack, and began taking pictures. I'm sure they'll eventually let me back in that store again...although it would be better for my waistline if the don't!

It's good to be back! Smile

Journaling reads:
"A Sprinkles franchise opened at the local mall about a year ago, and it has proven to be both the best thing that’s ever happened to me and the bane of my existence. How am I supposed to cut down on sweets when they serve a different, delectable flavor every day? And don’t even get me started on their seasonal offerings! I am already counting the days until Key Lime comes out. May 12, 2010."

Back later with the credits, but it's all DD--naturally!


...and we are back.

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