I should have sub-titled this: Stop! Don't grow up so soon!

An excellent coupon came in the mail for a free stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear.

You have always enjoyed visiting the store to browse, shop or make a stuffed animal so I asked you if you wanted to go to make a free animal. You agreed. So one fine day we went to the mall to make the stuffed animal.

Suddenly, your mood changed. You didn’t want your friends to see you at Build-A-Bear. Oh, dear. You were happy to pick a rabbit but you wouldn’t do much to help with its creation. But, all those cute things that kids to as they stuff their animals (like making a wish and kissing the plastic heart before inserting it in the animal) were now totally embarrassing to you. Oh, dear. You did the minimal amount that the store assistant would let you do. Afterwards, you left the store hoping no one would see you. Oh, dear.

I see you growing up but sometimes it comes too fast. Any chance you could slow down so I could enjoy your childhood just a little bit more?
November 24, 2009

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