Patricia's blogpost today is all about home and what it means to us. Check it out and tell us what home means to you.

Journaling: I’ve always said if you can stay married through building a house together, you can stay married through anything. We weathered that storm when we built our house. Don was the general contractor, and we were excited to build the house of our dreams. Our boys were seven and three when we moved in the day after Thanksgiving 1980.

Fast forward thirty years to 2010, and we still live in that house. Yes, we overbuilt for the area, and now the house is really too big for just two people, but neither of us can fathom living anywhere else. This is home. This is where we raised our children and where our grandchildren now run through the rooms and play in the yard. When they spend the night, they sleep in the same bedrooms where their father and uncle once slept.

The concrete block, the mortar, and the beams may ensure the structural integrity of a house, but it’s the family who lives there that gives a home its life. We love the space that lets us get together or retreat into our own little worlds. Our home doesn’t have the decorator look, but it has the patina of love. It rings with laughter when we sit around the table on Soul Food Sundays and tell our favorite family stories. It fills with the people we love at birthday celebrations, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When I think of home, I think of security, warmth, comfort, laughter – I think of family. 05.05.10

Anna Aspnes
FotoBlendz Canvas Clipping Masks 12 X 12
Stitched by Anna Lime No. 01

Katie Pertiet
Vintage Photo Frames No. 19
Time Clusters No. 01
Little Snips Alphabet

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Family photo by Katie Meehan Photography