What a great template and papers to play with. Thank you, Katie! Not a great photo, but the point of this page was the 'simple story."
Thanks for looking!

There was a time when I would have looked at this “pile” and saw a mess, clutter, disorganization, another project for my “TO DO” list. But as I have grown older and friends and family have come and gone and babies have gone off to college in the blink of an eye, I have learned to see this “pile” as the keeper of my simple treasured memories. Memories of a first home, a preemie infant in ICU, first steps and first teeth, a little girl meeting her baby brother….who would soon become her best friend. Swimming lessons and summer camp, girl and boy scouts, trikes, bikes and driver’s license. First days of school and first jobs, winter dances and prom, braces, stitches and broken bones. Baseball, track, volleyball and football. First birthdays and twenty-first birthdays and every holiday in between.
No, I do not see clutter when I look at this “pile”………..I see MEMORIES and I see LIFE!

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Template Challenge 5/9/10
Color Inspiration 5/9/10
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Home and Garden Kit
Le Marche Kit
Filmed Photo Masks No. 02
File Labels Love
Loosely Labeled
Defined Clippings No. 03

Lynn Grieveson
Casablanca Remix Kit

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Foto WordArt No. 02
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