I probably SHOULD have called this WINDOW BOXES, but by the time I had selected each letter for this title, resized/re-coloured etc I couldn't face changing it!! I'm sure you understand what I'm saying! Until I can get a garden I make do with my window boxes.


Designer Digitals

Katie Pertiet: - Naturally Crafty No7, Watery Blooms Brushes, Letterbox Clusters brushes, Winged Corner brushes, Grungy Ledger grids No3, Loosely Labeled No2 and white flower from Children Layered Template.

Meadow Road Alpha Kelie Mize

Awanui Kit: - Lynn Grieveson

Anna Aspnes: - Dripped Tool set No1, Fotoblendz clipping Mask No10 (I think!?), and Distressed tool Set No 8

Other small white paper flowers from a kit by Anne-Made Paper Pieces which I THINK I purchased from Little Dreamer a couplle of years ago (apologies if it's not!)

Hope I got everything...the brush part got a bit muddled...