So excited to lift Phylis. Two years ago I was sitting at her knee trying to learn how she worked her magic. She was a great teacher but it turns out, IMHO, that her groove cannot be taught. I love trying to play in that groove though.
This is my mom in the 70's I knew when I saw this lift that this was the photo to use. It is uh…shall we say unacceptable as a photo but the content and the memories are as alive today as then. Summers on the shore started in the very beginning of their marriage…. well, actually …there was this one trip before they were married……. But we spent some part of each summer at the shore growing up.
Thanks Phylis for this great method of rescue.
I didn't follow all the design components but I did find a rectangular light source that would backlight her and accent her hand….which I find so graceful here and which I have seen these last two years caring so tenderly for my Father.
Thanks for looking.

Anna Aspnes
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