My favorite childhood books

This two-page layout is for the Heritage Challenge No. 27 on the Designer Details Blog. My page about my favorite childhood books begins when I was a very small child & continues for a those few years until I was able to read all by myself. It contains some of the books that I still have in my home that were saved by my mother for me. I want to make companion pages of the books that I loved as an older child, a teenager and these many loves through my adult years . . . from young mother . . . to the mother of teens . . . to my years of the empty nest.

Journaling: I don’t remember a time without books . . . a time without a book in my hands! My first cogent memory is of being very small, sitting in my grandmother’s lap with her reading to me from “Aunt Charlotte’s Bible Stories” about baby Moses & baby Samuel. My mother loved children’s books for as long as I can remember and enjoyed borrowing books from her 2nd grade classroom library for me to read on weekends and holidays. I had many book . . . Little Golden Books & others too in my small bedroom bookshelves . . . some of those I still have to share with our grandchildren. I do have a tucked in memory of my daddy sitting on the edge of my little bed reading to me. I do wish that it were a clearer memory. Early in my life, I developed a love for the public library; I can remember going there & can sometimes even remember the lovely, bookish smell from when I was as young as three years old. I loved checking out books from sweet Miss Clara Starnes, our grey haired librarian who sat behind a small desk in the middle of the main room where all of the children’s books were. Miss Clara would remain my friend until I finished college.. Since my mother was a teacher she could bring home the old worn out books that the schools were discarding . . . so I had many old text books in my little book shelves! And when I began school, I loved my textbooks. The little red & blue Winky pre-primers were special favorites! We had a little stuffed Winky monkey in our first grade classroom that would sit with us when we read in our circle.

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