Journaling: You didn’t want a phone. It might mean people would call you, and you’d have to talk to them, and you wouldn’t be sure what to say. Or people might expect you to call them, and there’s that talking thing again. But after I went to get you after mowing and you’d already left, on foot, without telling me--because you had no phone--we pretty much insisted. So now you have a phone, and it’s not really so bad. Hardly anyone knows your number, and you can text us instead of calling. So you’re pretty much reconciled to this new tool.

Home and Garden Kit
Worn Page Edges
Worn Photo Edges No. 02
Worn Photo Edges No. 03
Rewritten Words Brushes and Stamps
Office Supply Classics Brushes and Stamps
Mixed Bag Brushes and Stamps No. 04
Chipboard Alphabet: Black
Font SNF Drama Queen.