“Embrace Fear” is my One Little Word for 2010. Ziplining definitely qualifies. I hate heights and speed, so ziplining was the perfect (nuts!) choice for a break in the Hocking Hills hiking and photography we did this week. What was I thinking?

We started with two “bunny zips” of 150 and 200 feet, then progressed to 400 and 500 footers. Braking is done with leather-gloved hands - very challenging at 40 mph +. Not to mention that my brain ceases to function at altitudes over 5’ 5”.

Fortunately (or not...), once you start the course, there’s no way back. It was exhilarating, and, yes, I’d do it again, because zipping is a BLAST!

Cover Inspiration 03 14 10 and Birdsong paper, Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals. Font is Book Antiqua.