Two weeks until the wedding and I still have the seating chart to do and finish the photo spinner. That's about all I've been doing the past week, but I did manage to keep taking my daily photos!

I sat on the deck Thursday AM and watched as a tiny spider spent aboout 5 min. trying to cast a line from one side of the railing to the other. Not sure if he ever finished. Mary Ann has found a new favoite spot to sleep - David’s lap. It’s spring and that means the wood bees are out. I just amazes me how they create such perfectly round holes. David however, is more annoyed than amused. We finally got the hummingbird feeder put up on Sunday and it wasn’t there but a couple of min. before this guy showed up. It’s good to have them back! I don’t know how I’d start the AM without my Keurig coffeemaker - good coffee fast. I was going to take a break from working on wedding stuff to work on the AAM challenge and photograph the contents of my purse until I realized that I was working out of 3 of them and there was waaaay too much stuff to shoot. Really, is there anything better than a Nathans dog?

Classic Cardstock: Cleansing
Home and Garden Kit stitching(recolored)
Scrap Express No. 55
Kohi Kit