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Journaling should read Myra and I found this Smile

Ali Edwards'
Memory Lifelines

Katie Pertiet's
Fine Lines Page Titles No. 04

Journaling:We found the mirror, discarded against a grungy apartment building on Columbus Avenue as we walked back to our hotel. We stood there for at least ten minutes trying to get it right. Just a reflection of our feet. Over and over again we shot. Adjusting. Readjusting. Moving forward. Then back again. And then we got into the swing of things, oblivious to our surroundings. Later that night, reviewing our photos I noticed the extra part. The motorcycle pulling up to the apartment. Driven by the man that just two minutes later would park in front of the mirror. Explain that it was his. Explain that he needed to throw it out. He was kind enough. We thanked him for not throwing it away. It was a fun moment. It was only later that we wondered just what had compelled him to put his fist squarely into the other end of it! Whatever the reason, something magical resulted from it.