Used some pictures from our Dec. 09 trip to Maui for this page about me and my hubby Wink
This started out with a somewhat heritage feel with the worn papers, but when I tried to desaturate the photos and embellishments to match, I just couldn't -- I had to keep them their original bright colors!

Katie Pertiet:
Creased Cardstock Paper Pack No. 02
Stitching Holes Brushes and Stamps
Classic Cardstock: Energy
Defined Clippings MegaPack No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
Stuffed Edge Documents No. 01
Carded Stacked Frames
Vintage Snips No. 01
Little Layette Kit
Little Plastic Flowers No. 01

Lynn Grieveson:
Alicia Kit
Worn Page Edges No. 03
In Distress Paper Pack No. 03
Worn Strips
Worn Strips No. 02
Shiver Kit

Anna Aspnes:
SprayPaint FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 01
Stitched By Anna Brown No. 02
Torn N Tattered Scalloped PaperStrips No. 01

Ali Edwards:
Everyday Twill

Jesse Edwards:
Silhouettes Brushes and Stamps

Patti Knox:
Have a Heart Felts
The Flower Shop

Mindy Terasawa:
Sun Chase Kit

Michelle Martin:
Ingrid Kit
Jelly Alphabet No. 09

Font: bleeding cowboy & luna
Scraplift inspiration: Maggie Holmes