We are adding a room to our house and have already had some "interesting" complications. ;-) (Work with me here. I'm trying to keep a positive spin on it.) Thought I would document the process from beginning to end as well as a few other building projects we will be undertaking this summer. Hope to compile them in a book to look back "fondly" on the process when it's all over. This LO would not be the first LO but near the beginning.

Thank you for looking!

Journaling: Sometimes there must be destruction before there is construction.

Credits: Ad Challenge 41810, Home and Garden Kit (LOVE this kit!!), Hinge Pack, Le Marche Kit, Chipboard Alpha Black, Metal Sheets, Notebook Papers No. 5 -- Katie Pertiet
Brad Bonanza, Fasten Its -- Pattie Knox
Curious Kit -- Karah Frederick