Another page for Pattie's Digital Techniques for Art Journaling class. Here, I was playing with artistic filters and lighting filters.

When my mom passed a couple of years ago, she left me boxes and boxes of photos and clippings, postcards and letters. I've barely made a dent in sorting it all out. Occasionally, I will come across a real treasure, and the photo in this layout is such a one for me. It's a photo of my paternal grandmother as a young woman. Wowza! I remember looking at this photo and thinking, "Who's this pretty girl?" and I remember being shocked when I turned the photo over and read her name on the back of it. When I knew her, you see, she was already, well, a grandmother! White-haired, glasses, a comfortable body, the fullness of her well-lived life resided in the laugh lines on her face. In the photo here, though, she's a stunning and spirited young woman, not yet married, just starting out. What an adventure she has ahead of her! The places she'll travel, the handsome and dashing young man she'll eventually meet and marry, the children she'll bear, the grandchildren she'll spoil. Does she wonder about any of that, I wonder, when she poses for this photo?

I might eventually make a "then and now" page about my grandma, but I liked this photo of her so much that I thought it deserved a page of its own.

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